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Certification Program

ONLINE Application for Examination


Use this form to apply for examination(s) online. You will be redirected to PayPal for payment when you click Submit.


Please read the Requirements for Certification_application


Please note that if you have credits from a school, you must download and print the “School Official Signature” document below. It must be signed by your Instructor, Advisor, Dean, or Registrar. This is in addition to filling out the online application below.

DOWNLOAD School Official Signature document

Submit this printed document with the signature to the MELNA Office:

MELNA Certification Program
Donald F. Sproul, Executive Director
PO Box 4666
Augusta, ME 04330
Tel: 207-623-6430



Certification Program Application for Examination


Certification Program Application for Exam

EMPLOYMENT and EDUCATION HISTORY: Employment in the nursery/landscape industry for a minimum of four years (active employment for 32 months) or be a graduate of a two or four year horticulture or related field program and have a minimum of two years of employment in the nursery/landscape industry (active employment for 16 months).


List most current employer first.





IMPORTANT: If you have credits for consideration, you must download and print the School Official Signature document and have your Instructor, Advisor, Dean or Registrar sign it. Please mail separately.

THIS APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED WITH THE PROPER FEE AND AGREEMENT TO THE CODE OF ETHICS (below). A study manual will be mailed to the applicant upon acceptance of application. The applicant will be notified of test opportunities approximately one month prior to the date of the exam. Fees: $75.00 for MELNA members, second title $25.00. Nonmembers: $110, second title $40.

Certification Code of Ethics

In order to earn the title Maine Certified Nursery Professional or Maine Certified Landscape Professional you must successfully complete a written examination, attest to educational and field experience, and agree to abide by the following rules: 1. I will promote the highest ethical standards in the conduct of myself and my business. 2. I will assume the responsibility of meeting the objectives of the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association. 3. I will strive to improve my knowledge and skills in the field of horticulture. 4. I agree that, should my certification not be renewed or ever be revoked for any reason, I will not display any distinguishing emblems or titles or in any manner whatsoever imply that I am a Maine Certified Nursery or Landscape Professional. 5. I fully understand that, should I be granted certification, such certification is limited and must be renewed each year by earning maintenance credits and payment of the renewal fee. I understand that my certification will automatically be revoked unless renewed. 6. I understand that certification is granted by the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association as recognition of knowledge and achievement for those who voluntarily qualify and is in no way mandatory. I understand that, upon certification, I am entitled to call myself a Maine Certified Nursery Professional or a Maine Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional and use the initials MCN or MCSL after my name, as well as display the Certification emblem in all forms.

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Please download and print the PDF below if you need a signature from a school official. Submit to the MELNA Office once signed.

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