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Become a Member


Membership Has its Privileges:


When you belong to MELNA, you belong to a tight-knit, professional group whose members actively help support one another through networking, referrals, knowledge sharing, and the development of friendships that last a lifetime.


As soon as your application information and dues are received and approved, you will be added to the online MELNA Member Directory if you so desire. You’ll be able to log in and see members-only pages, edit your contact information, and change/add photographs to your own online gallery.




Two Ways to Apply for MELNA Membership

(1.) Print and Mail

Download a New Member Application to print and mail.  You may send us a check or provide a credit card number.

As soon as you are approved, instructions will be emailed to you about creating a MELNA Web site user account and logging in.  You will be able to see members-only pages, and edit your business listing if you opted to be included in the online directory.

(2) Online Membership Application

Under the Members tab, click “Apply: Step 1 (Registration)“. You will register with basic information for a MELNA Web site user account. Email verification will be required.

When approved, log in by clicking “Member Login” under the Members tab. A logged-in user is provided additional links for accessing members-only pages.

Under the Members tab, choose “Apply: Step 2 (Application)” to access the MELNA membership application. Dues will be paid using PayPal (a $5 online processing fee is included.)

You’ll be able to see your business listing right away in the Members Directory if you opted to be included, and edit any details by choosing “Update” under the Members tab. You might want to view the recommendations on “How to Update Your Info” first.

Benefits include:

  • An Annual Trade Show and full day of educational seminars
  • Re-certification workshop for credits or education
  • The Maine Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional and the Maine Certified Nursery Professional programs, recognizing your professionalism in the industry and giving you the tools to promote yourself
  • An interactive website with valuable tools for you and your customers:
  • Informative newsletters in print and digital formats, plus supplemental industry e-news bulletins
  • A watch on legislative developments which affect our industry through our membership in the Ornamental Horticulture Council
  • A connection to Maine Department of Agriculture and necessary pest alerts
  • Promotional aids
  • Contributions to research scholarships
  • Access to a wide variety of suppliers
  • Industry advertising and networking
  • Membership in the ANLA Lighthouse Program
  • Access to affordable Health Insurance



Levels of Membership:


Active – $140.00 per year.  Active membership is a corporate level membership for any Maine based company or individual proprietor that derive the majority of their income from practicing in the field of horticulture and allied professions. Maine Certified Professionals may join as Active Member only if their company is not an Active Member. Only Active Members are allowed a voting interest in the governance of MELNA.


Allied $140.00 per year.  Allied membership is a corporate level membership for all suppliers’ companies, as well as out of state nurseries, landscape companies, and other out of state green industry professionals who want to join MELNA. Allied members receive all the benefits of Active members except for voting rights.


Associate$30.00 per year.  Associate membership is for individuals who are engaged in or allied with the green industry, but who are not joining as a business. Examples would be educators, government employees, employees of a company who is a member, employees of a company who is a non-member, landscape architects, landscape designers, horticultural therapists, master gardeners, etc. Any member discounts of benefits do not extend beyond the individual who is an associate member. Maine Certified Professionals may join as Associate Member.


Student$10.00 per year.  Student membership is for students enrolled as a degree student in horticulture at an accredited college or university.



Active Members hold the right to vote; all members shall be permitted to attend meetings of the Association, whether executive committee, special or annual and shall be accorded all privileges and obligations of membership.


All memberships expire on June 30. Renewal invoices are typically mailed in June; with memberships not renewed by July 31 considered to be lapsed at that time.


For new members joining From Dec. 1 through Feb 28, only 50% of dues is required for membership through June 30.


For new members joining from March 1 through June 30; pay one year’s dues and your membership will be good through June 30 of the FOLLOWING year (up to 16 months membership for one year’s dues).