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It is with great sadness that the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA) announces the end of the Maine Flower Show.  There are no plans to have any more flower shows in the future.  

MELNA hopes the roughly 60,000 visitors to our March shows over the past few years had a great experience and found some inspiration for their gardens throughout Maine.  

The great financial loss that was incurred when COVID forced cancellation of the 2020 Maine Flower Show, combined with no assurance of a suitable venue in the future, led MELNA membership to this hard decision.

MELNA encourages anyone interested in gardening to visit any MELNA-member garden center or discuss ideas with any MELNA-member landscape company.  A list of those businesses can be found at  

Established in 1970, the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of its members throughout the industry, including financial support of secondary horticultural education and product research, website connectivity, media representation, and a professional certification program. For more information, please visit


Donald F. Sproul, Executive Director
Maine Landscape & Nursery Association






Community Service Project:

Each year requests are submitted to our organization to request our expertise in landscaping a particular locale. It is our difficult task to choose a project deserving of our attention. Once chosen, a landscape is designed, plants and materials are donated by our membership in a coordinated effort, and we descend upon the site for the installation. It is an amazing to see a site transformed so quickly by many experienced hands. Equipment and materials quickly move about, completing the project many times in a matter of hours. The camaraderie amongst the workers is a true draw on the day for many. If you haven’t had the experience, we encourage you to become involved – you will be in awe of what we can do!




If you have any questions or ideas, please contact

Don Sproul, Executive Director

Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
PO Box 4666
Augusta, ME 04330


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