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The 2023 Grow Maine Green Expo will be at the Augusta Civic Center on Wednesday, January 25, 2023; we will have load-in and set-up for the trade show on Tuesday, the 24th.




COVID-19 Guidelines for MELNA Events

MELNA will follow all CDC guidelines in effect at the time and place of MELNA events. As of this writing (Nov., 2021) this means all non-vaccinated individuals should wear masks. Although fully vaccinated individuals have the option of masking or not, masking is strongly encouraged. Hand sanitizers will be present at all events.



Charity Work Project:

Each year requests are submitted to our organization to request our expertise in landscaping a particular locale. It is our difficult task to choose a project deserving of our attention. Once chosen, a landscape is designed, plants and materials are donated by our membership in a coordinated effort, and we descend upon the site for the installation. It is an amazing to see a site transformed so quickly by many experienced hands. Equipment and materials quickly move about, completing the project many times in a matter of hours. The camaraderie amongst the workers is a true draw on the day for many. If you haven’t had the experience, we encourage you to become involved – you will be in awe of what we can do!




If you have any questions or ideas, please contact

Don Sproul, Executive Director

Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
PO Box 4666
Augusta, ME 04330


Phone: (207) 623-6430
Fax: (207) 623-6431