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Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
PO Box 4666

Augusta, ME 04330


Phone: (207) 623-6430
Fax: (207) 623-6431

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    Our Executive Committee


    President, Ryan Russell
    Land Plans, Inc.
    Phone: 207-347-0123


    Vice-President, Lee Skillin
    Skillins Greenhouses, Inc.
    Phone: 207-781-3860


    Treasurer, Phil Roberts
    Broadway Gardens
    Phone: 207-772-0415     Fax: 207-772-6261


    Executive Director, Donald F. Sproul
    P.O. Box 4666 Augusta, ME 04330
    Phone: 207-623-6430   Fax: 207-623-6431


    John Beauregard
    Beauregard Equipment
    Phone: 207-885-0600


    Anna Cudmore
    Cudmore Curbscapes|
    Phone: 207-504-0255


    Jon Dyer
    MB Bark, LLC
    Phone: 207-786-0600; Fax: 207-686-0800


    Josh Flynn
    Seabreeze Property Services
    Phone: 207-775-3454; Fax: 207-878-5404


    Darrell Pelotte
    Gagne and Son Concrete Block, Inc.
    Phone: 207-495-3313; Fax: 207-495-3451


    Jake Pierson
    Pierson Nurseries, Inc.
    Phone: 207-499-2994; Fax: 207-499-2912