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How to Update Your Information Online


Online Applicants:

If you applied for membership online, and elected to have your business included in the online Member Directory, you already have a MELNA user account. Just log in by clicking on “Member Login” under the Members tab in the main menu. When you are logged in you will see new items under the Members tab. Choose “Update” to edit your listing.

Recommendations for editing are found further down on this page: Quick Link

If you have any questions, please contact the Web Site Administrator.



Applicants Who Mailed in a Form:

If you mailed in a member application, and elected to have your business included in the online Member Directory, you will receive an email when your listing is live. Follow the instructions in the email. They are repeated here for your convenience:


Create a User Account on the MELNA Web Site

Your business listing on a virtual “business card” is now live on the MELNA Web site. How do you edit it and access members-only pages? Create a user account on by following these steps:


1. Go to or click on the Members tab in the main menu, and choose “Apply: Step 1 (Registration)” Fill in the form and register. You will be asked to verify your email address.


2. You may log in afterward by clicking “Member Login” under the Members tab. New items will appear under that tab when you are logged in. You will not YET be able to edit your listing, however.


3. As soon as your user account is connected to your business listing you will receive a confirmation email. After that you may log in and update your information.


If you have any questions, please contact the Web Site Administrator.



How to Edit Your Listing

By having a user account you will always be able to keep your contact information and business description current on Log in by clicking on “Member Login” under the Members tab in the main menu.


Select “Update” under the Members tab.


When you open your business card for editing, here is what you will find under “Enter Listing Details”.


  • Place Title: The name of your business.
  • Place Description: Should only contain your city and state.
  • Tag Keywords: Type in words separated by commas (no spaces) that pertain to your business so that you will be included in search results when visitors look for particular things.
  • Owner Name: Your name(s).
  • Membership: Displays your membership level.
  • Address, State, City, Zip Code: All prefilled. Change if necessary.
  • Set Address on Map: This is already set, but if you change your address, click this button.
  • Certifications: Add your certifications.
  • Phone: Where you are most likely to be reached. If a visitor clicks on it while on their cell phone, the number will be dialed for them.
  • Cell Phone, Fax: Optional.
  • Email to Use for Contact Form: Your email address. You are limited to just one. A form will be added to your listing so that visitors may contact you, but your email address will not be displayed for security reasons. Do not add your address here if you do not want to receive email from visitors. MELNA’s Terms of Service & Privacy Policies apply.
  • Email for MELNA Admin Use Only: If you choose not to have a contact form added to your Detail page for visitors to use, you can enter an address here instead, so that MELNA Administrators may contact you if necessary. No email address will be displayed. MELNA’s Terms of Service & Privacy Policies apply.
  • Services: A great place to list what you do, so customers can find you.
  • Website: If you have a Web site you can allow visitors to use this as a link. Use the full URL (for example: https://www.your
  • Details: A great opportunity to describe your business and add more information in a narrative style.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Feel free to add your social media addresses, and they will be shown as links. You can copy them from your pages and paste them.
  • Permission checkboxes: In accordance with current privacy and responsibility regulations, please choose if you’d like your business information displayed online, and if you’d like to use your email address to receive certain newsletters.
  • Add images: Select files from your computer and drag and drop. Your logo should be first in line. It may need some resizing to fit nicely on the business card, and this will be done automatically for you within a day or two.
  • Review Your Listing: Click this to see a preview of your changes. You may re-edit, or submit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Web Site Administrator.



The Member Directory

  • The link for it is in the main menu on its own tab.
  • It lists all members by membership category, 15 business cards to a page. Page navigation links are supplied at the top and bottom of each page.
  • The name of the business and the logo are links to an individual Detail page that shows contact information, photos, tags, services, certification(s), a description, a form for visitors to email you if you provided an address, your Web site address if you have one, social media links, and another map. A visitor here can get driving directions to your business by typing in a starting address or selecting a geolocation.
  • Visitors can scroll through the pages or find businesses by using the Search bar. More search criteria are accessed by clicking on the Advanced Search button.
  • Searches can be filtered by distance, membership levels, owner name, business name, certifications, tags, and services. A visitor can allow geolocation to set their own location for distance searches.
  • Maps show the locations of members listed on each page. Each membership level features a unique map marker.
  • A visitor may click on the word “Pinpoint” on a business card and the map will display that business location and open a small box with information.
  • Any map marker can be clicked to open the small information box. The title in the box is a link to that business’ detail page.


If you have any questions, please contact the Web Site Administrator.