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MELNA Members: A Letter to Send to Your Municipal Government


For the Landscaping Industry


   DOWNLOAD a copy of the “Landscapers Essential in Maine” letter to print and mail.



From Donald Sproul, Executive Director, Maine Landscape & Nursery Association


Dear MELNA Members,

As government continues to expand business closures in response to COVID-19, we need to do everything we can to stay “ahead of the curve” as we stay safe.

I have just sent my second communication of the week to Maine state policymakers. Like the first communication sent on Wednesday regarding our nurseries and greenhouses, this letter specific to our landscaping industry also needs to be sent to municipal officials.

Please read the downloadable letter above, and then print and get it sent to your municipal government. I would suggest it go to your Town or City Manager. If your municipality has no manager, then send it to the Council Chair or the First Selectperson.

I will be sending this to our state officials and our congressional delegation.

Again, MELNA is a signatory to a similar letter, but addressed at the national level, to Federal authorities.


Donald F. Sproul

Executive Director,
Maine Landscape & Nursery Association