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Here is a list of Sub-Committees. The Executive Committee is currently working to expand and improve the organization of these Sub-Committees, so expect changes to occur periodically throughout the year.

The Contacts page lists members of the Executive Committee.


Archives Committee: (Vacant), Chair

What better way to enjoy the growth of our industry within our state than by looking back from where we started and how we have grown? Archives keeps the important milestones in our history for future guidance for generations to come.


By-Laws: (Vacant), Chair; Todd Marco


Education Committee: Betty Anne Listowich, Chair; Tom Estabrook, Vice-Chair; Bob Bangs, Susan Babb, Claudia Bales, Irene Barber, Cherrie Cianchette, Karen Harter, Judy Johnson, Ellen Klain, Tim Lindsay, Gary Fish,  Kyle Fletcher-Baker, Roger Roberge, Lois Stack, Chris Turmelle, Karen Henderson, Anne Murphy, Don Sproul (ex officio).

The goal of the Education Committee is to offer an array of informational, interactive, interesting and enjoyable events for the MELNA membership. The events include workshops facilitated by local professionals in our industry, field trips to locations both in Maine and surrounding New England areas, educational speaker events featuring topics relevant to time sensitive issues, ever popular subject matter and, if desired, information to be applicable for re-certification and / or pesticide credits. Round table events also present opportunities to share information with each other, our colleagues. The Education Committee also facilitates the yearly scholarship process for the University of Maine Orono and Southern Maine Community College. The success of MELNA’s educational program is dependent on the support and the participation of the entire Melna membership. Pertinent and current information is vital to both the success of our individual companies and to our industry in the State of Maine.


Charity Work Project: (Vacant), Chair; Jeff Horton

Each year requests are submitted to our organization to request our expertise in landscaping a particular locale. It is our difficult task to choose a project deserving of our attention. Once chosen, a landscape is designed, plants and materials are donated by our membership in a coordinated effort, and we descend upon the site for the installation. It is an amazing to see a site transformed so quickly by many experienced hands. Equipment and materials quickly move about, completing the project many times in a matter of hours. The camaraderie amongst the workers is a true draw on the day for many. If you haven’t had the experience, we encourage you to become involved – you will be in awe of what we can do!


Government Affairs: Mark Faunce, Chair; Jesse O’Brien, Jeff O’Donal, Jake Pierson, Don Sproul (ex officio)


IT/Web Site: Betty Anne Listowich, Chair


Landscape Specs Ad Hoc: Mark Pendergast, Chair; Tom Hoerth, Anne Murphy, Jesse O’Brien , Jake Pierson


Membership Committee: Chris Turmelle, Chair; Cherrie Cianchette, Diana Hibbard, Marcia Morgan, Jake Pierson, Susan Babb, Tom Estabrook, Don Sproul (ex officio)

Members of MELNA are able to be involved in a professional organization that provides many benefits to its members. We offer a great certification program, educational seminars and legislative advocacy for our members. The annual trade show features a variety of well respected speakers and exhibitors. Networking opportunities with other professionals in our field at events like the annual charity work project, Summer and Fall twilight meetings which are held at a green industry business or a landscaped property. Insurance savings to members with our group discount rates. Our newly revamped website and MELNA office are here to help with any questions or concerns.


Nominating Committee: Todd Bangs, Chair


Personnel Committee: Executive Committee Officers


Public Relations Committee: Tom Estabrook, Chair; Kathleen Carr Bailey, Irene Barber, James Masse, Mark Pendergast, Don Sproul (ex officio)

It is the ongoing goal of the Public Relations committee to make the presence of our professional organization known within our state. By promoting our existence within our marketplace, we establish our members as the professionals that they are to the public. It is our strategy to promote MELNA in every form of media available; news, print, internet, air, and public trade shows.


Trade Show Committee: Betty Ann Listowich, Chair; Jeff Horton, Larry Babson, Don Sproul (ex officio)

MELNA is a broad range trade association that provides many benefits to its members. Our certification program is a cutting edge in New England, offering the public access to the best professionals in the green industry. Our annual trade show and recertification workshops provide on going education and training for these professionals. The trade show also creates a place for those that service the green industry to display their products to our members. A major benefit of being a MELNA member is the networking opportunities provided at the Annual Charity Work Project, Summer and Fall Twilight Meetings which feature member businesses and other educational events. Our connection to the Maine Farm Bureau provides members with group discount rates on a variety of insurance products, including health. Member help is reinforced by our up to date website and contact with the MELNA office.